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Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

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More than a know-how, Technology is our company culture !

Since 1978 and its creation within the France Telecom group (Orange), Questel has developed a true technological leadership in the intellectual property market. Based in Europe, USA and Asia, hundreds of in-house engineers and PhD have developed strong skills and expertise in data mining, task automation and artificial intelligence. We use technology benefits in all our products and services.

Technology for Business Intelligence

Searching data
At Questel, we entered into the big data era a long time ago, regarding the comprehensive data sets we provide to our clients (patents, trademarks, designs, scientific articles, projects, clinical trial, web contents, financial and corporate data,…). Improving cross-search capabilities is a continuous improvement process based on semantic search competencies and machine learning techniques.

Connecting the dots
Most data is available online but to make connections between all those different sets is not straightforward. Our experts in artificial intelligence work on data curation and entity recognition. We use state of the art machine learning techniques to generate modern analytics and to provide business-oriented insights.

Technology for Smart Workflows

Questel develops a variety of workflow solutions to support IP and Innovation processes management. All our solutions are Business focused and provides task automation and computer powered assistance. For example, you can build and compare budget or portfolio scenarios in real time and align expenditure with your corporate strategy.

We integrate data into processes and provide recommendations of ideas, assets, players or insights. Behind this feature we work on content-based and model-based recommendations, or collaborative filtering, thanks to our deep knowledge in Natural Language Processing (NLP). We refine our algorithms in continuous learning through user interactions.

Technology for improved IP services

Powered by centralized digital processes and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to our technology and experts, Global 500 clients have experienced increased patent filings, decreased office actions, reduced invalidation risk, and faster time to grant.

Translation: Questel uses advanced artificial intelligence to manage the translation memory specific to each client.

Cost Management: Our systems can track agent performance over time so that if costs are increasing, quality decreasing, or any other metric moving, you will have data in hand to rectify. 

Technology for alternative IP protection

Leveraging blockchain technology to secure your intangible assets.

The ability to demonstrate that your data exists at a specific date and time – and that it has not been altered – is essential for securing your intangible assets!

That’s why we are leveraging the blockchain technology to help you record, manage and keep track of your innovation while ensuring the integrity and the existence of your data.

On a user-friendly platform, Questel can help you demonstrate ownership, gather evidence of trademark use, establish reasonable steps to protect trade secrets and keep track of all versions and contributions of any asset.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Discover why Technology is our company culture !