Foodtech: Patents and the rise of meat and dairy protein alternatives

Published, 25 April 2022

Patent data can help Foodtech startups determine market trends, identify opportunities and inform future business strategy.


Foodtech is distinguished by its use of technology to explore novel paths to design, produce, package, distribute and enhance food.

The sector covers a range of innovative solutions related to food, from agriculture technology (Agtech) to consumer technology and delivery, supply chain solutions, food-service technologies and food science, such as the development of alternative protein sources to replace animal products.

In this eBook, we assess patent filing in this fast-moving sector with a particular focus on innovation activity for alternative protein technologies, including plant-based substitutes for animal products, insect proteins, precision and biomass fermentation, cell-based (lab-grown) meat, and molecular farming.

We also share insights into the key players by patent activity, including geographic differences and market penetration, as well as identifying the technologies that have already saturated the market versus the white spaces and still-emerging fields that remain ripe for growth and investment.

Using patent data to inform Foodtech strategy

Download this eBook to discover:

  • * The relationship between patent activity and market trends
  • * The relative maturity of existing alternative protein technologies
  • * Patent filing activity across all technologies since 2000
  • * How to assess business opportunities and threats
  • * When to use patent searching in the innovation lifecycle
  • * The benefits of using patent landscape analysis and business intelligence software
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