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Connect with your next R&D partners and Start-ups. Interview key opinion leaders


Collaboration is an impactful method to increasing the quality of innovation while driving the industry forward as a whole. In order to manage efficiently the external innovation process, our international team can support your operations by connecting with potential partners, interviewing experts and opinion leaders or scouting the right technologies for your business.


Whether your business is in early stage research or product development, or getting ready for commercialization, your innovations can be rendered meaningless without intellectual property such as patents, trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks.

IP will enable Science and Technology professionals to protect and build value in their ideas.

At Executive IP , we’ve developed a modularized, certificate-based IP program that’s fast, efficient, and convenient.


Partner sourcing is the practice of tapping specialized, professional-grade know-how and talent.

The identification of potential targets is the initial step. Then, these players must be qualified, sometimes anonymously, to validate various criteria (existing know-how or technology, interest, availability, relationship with competition, etc.). Finally, the direct meeting is the only guarantor of a possible partnership.

We can support your team in qualifying potential partners and organizing BtoB meetings.


Expert interviews are today a standard method of qualitative approach in R&D and Innovation. Our consulting team has been involved in interviewing experts and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in a number of different R&D areas. We have developed a methodology, workshop design and facilitation.

Interviewing experts and KOLs can help you assess a new technology or market, value risks and opportunities, provide project or investment due diligences.

We can support your team in contacting, interviewing experts and synthesizing the results.


Technology scouting is a race against competition. You have to identify first the most promising technologies. Then you have to identify the tech owners, validate the tech availability and manage efficiently a licensing-in process.

Identifying technologies, patents, companies is the first step. Then you have to rank regarding your custom criteria, depending on your specific strategy. That’s where our team of experienced consultants can help you value the criteria, the leads and engage with key players.

We can support your team in defining criteria, ranking opportunities, engaging with tech owners, negociating and licensing your next technologies.

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