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Having a well-managed trademarks portfolio means also dealing with third parties trying to steel shapes, names, logos, products. And using a simple platform to digitally detect such infringements doesn’t mean everything is under control. 

A software can help identifying the problems, but it is only one part of the solution. 

Combining IT experts, a platform and IP lawyers, is the key for an effective and strong brand protection strategy.

We deal with everything from enforcement program design and implementation to individual issues demanding a determined and cost-effective response. 

Our expert resources allow us to detect online threats and follow them through to enforcement against perpetrators and infringing products as well as suggesting the right Custom applications or a judicial approach.

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Dedicated platform

Available 24/7, free of charge, you can check the status of every single project


Comprehensive Solution

All your worldwide searches, with a uniform reporting, in one place


Smart Management

Full transparency on costs, a project leader dedicated, direct connection with our benchmarking tools

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Additional Services

Cost Management

Audit, Negociation, Compliance, Benchmark,
Forecast and Invoice Bundling.

TM Search

Expand a trademark to new products or new geographic markets to reduce the potential risk for infringement.

TM Renewals

Our renewals service for trademarks and designs allows you to delegate full responsibility to Questel.

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