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Our renewals service for trademarks and designs allows you to delegate full responsibility to us with complete confidence that your renewals will be handled timely and cost effectively with minimum demand on your resources. Since the beginning of the project, we provide full transparency about every cost element involved in the renewals process. 



Many of our clients are happy for us to work with our own network of counsels while others value the relationships they have with their agents and would prefer not to let that go, and so we make it possible for you to decide which is the best option.


Our Offering


Dedicated platform

Available 24/7, free of charge, you can check the status of every single project


Comprehensive Solution

All your worldwide searches, with a uniform reporting, in one place


Smart Management

Full transparency on costs, a project leader dedicated, direct connection with our benchmarking tools

Possibility to download digital certificates with corporate nomenclature already included

One single overview on all your renewals and recordals tasks

Easy reporting tools and analytics to keep under control your budget

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Additional Services

Cost Management

Audit, Negociation, Compliance, Benchmark,
Forecast and Invoice Bundling.


Transfer and change of IP Rights.


training your experts while also making all employees IP savvy, is essential. 

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