Questel provides online and on-site training courses in order to teach you what Questel tools can do for you.

Questel Orbit Trainings

Orbit certification program increases the knowledge of how to use Orbit to your best advantage.
May you be in the technical or legal department of your company, be an IP specialist or part of management, you will find that Orbit can help your business agenda forward.
Learn how to search and extract information from our patent database efficiently and find out how to share internally or illustrate that point you wish bring forward.
The aim of Questel Orbit Trainings is to offer structured, case study based and hands-on training.

Why be trained?

Because Orbit solutions can support you more if you can best put it to use, Intellectual Property combined with Orbit is more than just a patent search tool.
Because Orbit solutions are continousely being improved, Intellectual Property opportunities and risks have exploded.
Because internal communication within your company can improve, helping those that do not speak patent language but can get good use of its content.

Level options

Multi-Company Trainings

Multi-company training (max 8 participants): the content of training is explained in the catalog and the dates for each training is listed in the calendar. These trainings are organized in our offices in Paris. A selection of different training modules is available – depending on the level of the participants – in the area of Patent Search.

Fit to measure trainings

May you have a different training need than the one on offer, we can organize a fit to measure training for your company and a quotation can be made upon request. We provide computers for all participants for training taking place in our offices.

In company trainings

In company trainings (5 participants), a group of the same company can be trained. We offer you trainings adapted to the needs and focus points of your company. Training can take place in your office or at Questel Paris.


Drop us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible with further details and availability. At the end of the training each participant will receive a certificate. A confirmed training session can be cancelled free of charge no later than one week prior to the starting date of the training.

Basic patent search training

Run a basic patents search

Reproduce a basic search methodology (keywords, classifications and names)
Use the search tools (truncations and operators)
Use the readings tools (highlighting, KWIC and key content)

Advanced patent search training

Run a complex search

Use the command line
Create quicklists and use them
Save search results
Create and manage alerts

Patent analysis training

Create statistic graphs and charts

Analyse the date/coverage data
Analyse the semantic data
Customise your graph (filter and color by)
Create and manage data rules
Use the drilldown and browse functions
Create a report

Patent mapping training

Create a map from a patents search

Create and manage the concepts data rules
Customise your graph (map tools, selection and color by)
Detect and use informations

Workfiles training

Create a portfolio to share, capitalize and expertise patents workfiles

Create a portfolio and add patents and designs
Create and manage readers
Expertise patents