Onboarding a new IP Management System? Everything you need to know

The burden of implementing an IP Management System that your entire department will rely on can seem overly daunting if not outright impossible, especially if you’re hoping to switch to a new provider.  At Questel, we’ve got you covered.

In this webinar, we are going to speak with Elayne Cameau, IP & Global Prosecution Professional of Jabil Inc. to learn about her experience implementing Questel’s IP Management Solution, Orbit Asset.  We will cover common questions including:

  • What are common hurdles an IP team faces when implementing a new Docketing System and what are some strategies to overcome these setbacks?
  • Rely on data specialists with IP expertise to avoid losing anything during the conversion
  • Address the needs of all users.  Do not forget about your engineers
  • Importance of client support and training to ensure adoption
  • Meeting Jabil’s needs with integrations and customizations
  • Was it worth it? How to show ROI on a big change like this?

Watch our video 

Presented by:

Elayne Cameau

IP & Global Prosecution Professional

Jabil Inc.

Eric Moran

‎US SME Manager