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Your intuitive IP molecule search

Made for IP professionals in the field of organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals and life sciences,
Orbit Chemistry is designed for straight forward molecule searches in over 75M of patent documents.

Easy-to-use and adaptable, it accepts all molecule search types, retrieves all synonyms at once, and helps you locate rapidly where in the patent family your molecule of interest is mentioned.

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Fully integrated within Orbit Intelligence, your chemistry searches now fits in your IP strategies

Why our customers choose Orbit Chemistry

  • Easy access to chemical information when reading patent

  • Easy to search chemical info, and especially CAS numbers

  • Ability to compare chemistry search with our usual Orbit searches

  • I find relevant results on Orbit Chemistry which I cannot find in standard tool

  • Very intuitive sketcher

  • No delay for chemical indexation only new documents

Orbit Chemistry can handle any chemical search format...

…whether you prefer to type in a name, import a .mol file, draw a structure, Orbit Chemistry can even convert a name into an editable structure for you to modify!

Intuitive advanced chemical search

Searching for a group of molecules having a common core is also possible through the sub-structure search function or Markush drawings!

Orbit Chemistry handles all chemical synonyms

No need to search for all possible names, tradenames or common names of a chemical structure, the search engine does it for you.

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Rapidly locate the searched molecules when reading a patent

Simply choose a color and look at your document scroll bar. 

Particularly useful when carrying out a sub-structure molecule search, hovering over a molecule name displays its structure.

For full details on our indexation or more information on Orbit Chemistry please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Molecules are indexed from patent as soon as they enter our database with no delays for DE, US, KR, JP, CN, EP, WO, IN, FR, GB, AU, CA, IL.

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