Orbit Seed


Create the IP for your maturing projects.


Orbit Seed is designed for R&D and Innovation teams who want to capture the R&D activity of their engineers and inventors at the beginning of the innovation cycle to effectively protect their intangible assets.

Orbit Seed encourages a structured and collaborative process for the creation of intellectual goods : industrial property rights (trademarks, patents, designations of origin, industrial designs and models) or copyrights.

Our solution allows you structure your innovation and R&D outputs, with all related documents and activities in one place. No more juggling of different spreadsheets, document stores, and other data sources to access and maintain your IP portfolio!

View R&D from a strategic perspective rather than as a collection of development projects​.
Accelerate the development of your assets.
Ensure traceability of your documents and contracts.
Anticipate, analyze and manage your portfolio.
Use Blockchain to protect targeted IP assets.

Customize easily your “R&D to IP” experience to accurately match with your company’s operations and ensure effective collaboration with your IP department.