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International Filing

Obtaining worldwide patent coverage is a complex, expensive undertaking which can take years and involve an army of patent service providers. We have developed the industry’s leading set of best practices associated with international patent filing for large companies. Our international filing platform was designed with an eye towards providing quality, limiting risk, catering to the specific needs of large corporate IP departments and, most importantly, delivering savings that can actually be verified after each filing takes place. This simply is not true for other “filing companies” and this is why large corporate filers use our platform.  Our platform efficiently manages all documentation, translations, filings, and costs.

Independent of process efficiencies or other ‘internal’ cost savings, our large corporate filers typically experience 30%-60%+ net savings and are provided total transparency into the international filing process. Our proprietary IT system (with patents pending) provides cost savings through efficiency and automation. Implementation of our process is seamless and can be achieved in less than half a day; moreover, our platform does not impact patent quality and does not interfere with patent prosecution by your agents.

Exceptional growth makes ITIP the world’s largest international patent filing company. ITIP, a member of Questel Group, has been elected as the leader in IP cost management and international patent filing by the Fortune® Global 500.

Questel invest in ITIP and becomes a leader in international filing.  With a unique cost management solution, ITIP propose a unique software approach to big saving in prosecution costs.

Questel acquires intellectual property
translation leader MultiLing .
 MultiLing’s translation activities are highly complementary and synergetic to Questel’s ITIP Foreign Filing activities.

European patent validation

Simplify European validation on our integrated platform

So much of the entire European Patent validation process involves repetitive tasks and follow-up. With a single instruction, you can turn the entire process over to us, freeing up valuable time and resources. As your extended staff, we will communicate all unique requirements of your EP validation. We know the rules and filing requirements for each jurisdiction. Plus, our workflow management system monitors deadlines for a timely submission. All you have to do is sit back and wait for us to notify you when the job is complete.
Collaboration is important to us, and we’ve established strong relationships and favorable validation rates with foreign associates across the EPO validation states. We appreciate the value of those relationships. That’s why for EP Validation we also seamlessly integrate with your network of EP associates. We truly are an extension of your team.

Questel acquires Direct Validation. Direct Validation is a world leader in validations of European patents, the process of transforming European patents into national patents.

Main Benefits.

Delegate Tasks

Your time is too valuable to spend on repetitive tasks. With a single instruction from you, we’ll manage the translation and validation of your patent application.

Reduce Costs

Not only will MultiLing manage your EP validation, but we will streamline the entire process to make it more cost efficient. And our fee is nominal and competitive to start.

Get Transparency

Because our platform gives you complete visibility, you can track the progress and cost of your validation. You get one itemized bill for everything.

What is the most cost effective way of doing EP Validations ?

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