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Search experts

Our highly skilled IP analysts combine their multi-domain knowledge with best in class software.

Patent application drafting

We customize the drafting process as per the filing jurisdiction and the drafting guidelines of your organization. We work closely with the in-house and / or outside attorneys to understand their process and preferences. We also maintain playbooks to capture individual preferences and consistently deliver good quality patent applications.

Centralized International Filing

In-house Patent Attorney
We use specialist knowledge to advise the client on the likelihood of getting a patent or lead the process of applying for and securing an IP asset.

Network of benchmarked Filing Agents​
We have established strong relationships and favorable rates with foreign associates across the world. We appreciate the value of those relationships.


Centralized International Filing

Simplify European validation on our integrated platform
So much of the entire European Patent validation process involves repetitive tasks and follow-up. With a single instruction, you can turn the entire process over to us, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Centralized Translation Process

Network of specialized Translators
We have developed a network of experienced translators who have advanced degrees in your industry or technology.
In-house Linguists
With a deep understanding of language, science, and jurisdictional requirements, we can manage the entire translation process.


Our renewals service for patents, trademarks and designs allows you to delegate full responsibility to Questel with complete confidence that your annuities and renewals will be handled correctly and cost effectively with minimum demand on your time and department resources.

Intellectual Property Paralegals

Our paralegals services team helps our clients attain greater cost efficiency, working as an extension of their internal team.

Cost Management Experts

Our team of industry veterans combine experience and expertise with artificial intelligence enabled systems to analyze your invoice data, identify efficiency improvement opportunities and suggest cost reductions.

A state-of-the-art estimate, ordering and monitoring
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