Achieve cost savings and efficiency gains

ITIP’s team of industry veterans combine experience and expertise with artificial intelligence enabled systems to analyze your invoice data, identify efficiency improvement opportunities and suggest cost reductions.

The net results are international fee schedules that capture these cost savings and efficiency gains. But we don’t simply consult and leave. Our team is experienced in actually implementing the fee schedules with your agents and then auditing to insure compliance. And unlike other providers that see a fee schedule as the end of the process, ITIP looks at them as the starting point. After analyzing decades of invoices and monitoring many invoice patterns, ITIP has found that without auditing a majority of agents deviate from agreed fee schedules – either by actual breach of the schedule or by breaching the spirit of the schedule. When monitored, however, we’ve found that a majority of these agents will remain in compliance. Compliance, in turn, is the foundation for budgeting and cost forecasting.

ITIP’s clients understand and appreciate that our systems and veteran experience provide the insight to understand what needs to change – and the capability to make and monitor those changes without draining valuable in-house resources.

Cost management

Staffed by former chief IP counsel, patent counsel & other IP professionals, our platform applies a blend of technology, patent process expertise and human resources to provide comprehensive IP cost management. The next evolutionary step in IP cost management best practices, we save corporate IP departments an average of 20 to 30% on their outside patent procurement costs with an emphasis on reducing international filing and prosecution costs. Our platform is designed to work seamlessly, with no interference to our clients’ existing IP policies, systems, quality controls or outside counsel relationships. We provide immediate and recurrent cost reductions for our clients.

Our goal is not only to provide savings, but to provide our clients ongoing IP process improvements with complete transparency into the costs associated with all services provided during the international patent prosecution life cycle. Our platform analyzes legal service provider efficiency and costs in order to assist clients with implementation of best practices and sourcing decisions. Our IP experts can provide comprehensive agent benchmarking analytics and full auditing capabilities, as well as detailed analysis of where inefficiencies exist in the patent prosecution lifecycle.