and Analytics

Exploit untapped treasure of invoice data

ITIP has found that many organizations have an untapped treasure trove of invoice data. Whether it is this historical data or data that ITIP has collected for you, ITIP’s artificial intelligence driven systems and staff expertise can unlock it for you.

ITIP’s capabilities dissect data and manipulate it into customized formats that meet your needs. Benchmarks of cost, quality and efficiency metrics can be quickly prepared. Your metrics, in turn, can be compared against over a decade of industry data to insure your costs are in line.

ITIP’s analytics capabilities use your data to investigate and answer the most difficult questions and issues associated with your IP spend. For example, our systems can track agent performance over time so that if costs are increasing, quality decreasing, or any other metric moving, you will have data in hand to rectify. Similarly, our systems can provide insight into questions such as why specific costs are increasing, how to best attack budget overages, and the like.

ITIP’s clients have discovered that our systems and experienced team not only unlock the power of data, but the added insight and interpretation of the data that our team brings can assist to guide your decision making.

Cost management

Staffed by former chief IP counsel, patent counsel & other IP professionals, our platform applies a blend of technology, patent process expertise and human resources to provide comprehensive IP cost management. The next evolutionary step in IP cost management best practices, we save corporate IP departments an average of 20 to 30% on their outside patent procurement costs with an emphasis on reducing international filing and prosecution costs. Our platform is designed to work seamlessly, with no interference to our clients’ existing IP policies, systems, quality controls or outside counsel relationships. We provide immediate and recurrent cost reductions for our clients.

Our goal is not only to provide savings, but to provide our clients ongoing IP process improvements with complete transparency into the costs associated with all services provided during the international patent prosecution life cycle. Our platform analyzes legal service provider efficiency and costs in order to assist clients with implementation of best practices and sourcing decisions. Our IP experts can provide comprehensive agent benchmarking analytics and full auditing capabilities, as well as detailed analysis of where inefficiencies exist in the patent prosecution lifecycle.