We deliver both the right organization and the right people for your IP program.

Operational excellence


We improve your IP processes & methodologies:

Efficiency audit and benchmark
Internal/external processes & communication
Cost pruning & management
KPI definition & follow-up

Dedicated to the IP department in relation with innovation :

We enhance productivity
We align IP with business objectives
We reduce cost
We improve communication
We transfer best practices and methodologies

Job as a service


On demand:
We are responsive

Direct access to talents:
We are agile

Cross disciplinarity:
We provide wide variety of tasks

New IT solutions:
We navigate in complex project

We provide plug-and-play skills in your team:

Administrative / Consultant / expert  profiles
Part-time or full time support
Including methodology transfer
You benefit from all our skills & tools


Follow-up of procedures

Preparing & processing letters

Annuity Payment support

Follow-up of invoices

Portfolio mining & management

Innovation / R&D

Invention mining and ideation

Patent searches

Drafting support

Competitive intelligence

Landscapes / Tech-scouting

Open innovation

Reporting / dashboard / scorecard


IP roadmap definition & implementation

Cost pruning & management

KPI definition & follow-up

Stakeholders communication

Valuation support

Collaboration / partnership

Innovation management practices