Market Development

Price advantages, Exclusive offerings,
Unique attributes, Build and protect
market share


Companies seeking to create or develop a market recognize the need to fully evaluate and influence a wide-range of competing perspectives.  Continues R&D, product launches, and iterative innovation is not sufficient to reach short and long-range market development objectives.

To succeed, leading companies and their executives rely upon Questel’s unique data-driven approach to defining and addressing markets’ technology and competitive environments. In addition to traditional, market, financial and technical perspectives, we incorporate the power and influence of intellectual property rights into your environment (Competitive monitoring), and counter / weaken adversaries (IP Enforcement)

Corporate growth is achieved by highly-effective asset monetization. This objective includes both increasing revenues and cash-flows and decreasing costs related to legacy investments. While simple in concept, this can be a daunting challenge when operating in a competitive, technology and innovation driven business. Questel provides fast and high-return results to corporate leaders and their advisors through our data-driven approach to mining for untapped value in technology and IP portfolios.

If short-term returns are required, our team is efficient at pruning legacy portfolios to reduce costs either through programmatic IP portfolio pruning (IP portfolio pruning) to free funds for higher-value efforts or to get quick returns using a variety of monetization techniques (Asset sales and divestments.). Our team is very skill to identify alternative applications and market users of corporate  IP (Out licensing & Technology transfer) and in helping  to complete those transactions.

Questel’s team provides a blended approach of expert analysis and operating company experience with sophisticated analytics, models and tools inform and support these high-impact and highly-visible decisions.  As return on investment requirements increase, Questel provides a direct path to link IP performance to corporate value.

Competitive intelligence

Maintaining ongoing awareness of the company’s competitive ecosystem is critical for corporate, R&D and IP management. Questel Consulting manage big-data environment to identify early indicators of future changes that present opportunities to seize or new risks to overcome. We combine unmatched collections of patent, publications and web data from industry studies to technology landscape analysis and competitor monitoring programs to deliver important insights in a timely and structured manner.


Monitor and evaluate changing situation and context

Monitor and follow competitors’ strategies

Identify new players, partners…

React quickly to seize opportunities and overcome new risks

Get expert analysis reports

Implement regular alerts and share results on a web-based platform

Enforcement / Cross licensing

Questel Consulting helps companies prepare cross licensing program and prevent/resolve IP disputes by providing unique insights that crystallize likely outcomes and negotiated settlements. Economics, time and results matter whenever litigation is anticipated or occurs. We frequently work with the world’s leading law firms, corporate counsel and executive teams to identify the technical and market data that supports case development and decisions.


Identify potential infringers to support monetization and assertion programs

Conduct patent product mapping, reverse engineering and claim charting

Anticipate attack and prepare defense strategy

Balance the bargaining power between two companies to avoid unnecessary royalty expenses

Measure the respective value of the patents in negotiation

Evaluate options and the risk over potential returns balance

Portfolio & budget management

Maintaining portfolios and anticipating costs increase requires continuous review and diligence – particularly as technologies and business offerings change over time. Questel Consulting provides a holistic approach to portfolio budget optimization. We leverage sophisticated analytics and tools (Orbit Asset®) to provide clients with objective and data-driven recommendations. We provided significant savings and deliver revenue generating options in the form of license, sale…


Align IP portfolio with business priorities

Analyze the cost structure of the patent portfolio

Compare cost structure with the competition

Anticipate and decrease IP costs

Provide a prospective cost analysis

IP valuation

IP monetization programs, tax efficiencies, M&A, investment, IP based loan collateral etc. all require IP valuation. Questel Consulting is skilled at delivering strategic financial valuation of IP assets within each specific context. If and when required we work with and for accounting companies.


Assess every option for value creation : partnership, license, assignment, start-up creation..

Define parameters which impact the valuation process

Aggregate technical and economic data needed for the valuation

Select appropriate method

Identify comparables and interview experts

Calculate and provided evidence-based financial value of assets

Out-Licensing & technology transfer

Transferring technology and related IP rights can generate significant revenues for companies and research institutions seeking to obtain returns from their research and development efforts. While not easy, successfully establishing and maintaining technology transfer efforts over time can drive superior financial and commercial outcomes. Questel Consulting helps companies transfer technology and related IP rights and support transactions that maximize financial and strategic returns.


Confirm patent value and reinforce with other valuable assets

Validate technical and market potential

Define possible transfer options : partnership, license, assignment, start-up creation

Identify and rank targets in regard of strategy, product, R&D program, patent portfolios

Develop negotiation strategy and action plan

Manage IP licensing programs and provide ongoing support throughout transaction