Document delivery

We provide your organization with professional Intellectual Property documents

Us & Foreign File Histories (File Wrappers)

When you receive a File History from DigiPat, you can expect it to be:

  • Carefully reviewed and chronologically organized
  • Indexed to identify office actions and neatly tabbed for efficient reviewing
  • Bound with a custom file cover which references important information including your docket or matter number.

All cited documents may also be ordered.
Electronic files in PDF format are available via email, download, or on CD-ROM, and are also available with searchable text and bookmarks.

Our added value

  • Pluridisciplinary team and ability to provide an outside, impartial and objective view of the client’s activity
  • Analytical system using objective and subjective criteria adapted to the innovative process
  • Decisional tree to define the strategic value and the goal of patent exploitation
  • Ability to organize the portfolio using personalized themes that can be re-used.

Certification, Legalization, Authentication and Delivery Services

Certified copies for IP, Commercial Licenses, Corporate Public Documents
We provide certified copies of documents from PTOs, Government and Commercial entities (e.g. certified application as filed). Worldwide Coverage.

Documents Legalization at City, County, State and Federal Level
Once certified copies are obtained, we legalize them before government authorities (e.g. Department of State); to be accepted as Legal copies worldwide.

Documents Authentication at Notary, Government Entity, Consulate, etc.
Documents could be authenticated or apostilled at any required local entity, in order to be accepted at the destination country.

Delivery to your foreign associates
As deadlines are tight most of the time, we deliver the finalized documents directly to your overseas correspondents, so one step is skipped avoiding to send them back to your offices

  • Prices : $125 per document per step + disbursed fees
  • Timeline: depends on generating and/or validating entities turnaround

Patents and Published Applications

DigiPat’s massive online database houses one of the largest commercial collections of facsimile patents & Published Applications from around the world. As with our File Histories, requested copies can be delivered in multiple formats.

Trademark Files Histories

In addition to being a leader in the supply of Trademark File Histories we provide copies of U.S. Trademark Applications, Registrations, and Publication Notices.