Harness the power of your invoice data

Have you already invested in e-billing?

If your organization has already invested in e-billing capabilities, you’ve no doubt discovered that such systems fall short of providing the analysis and modeling needed to actually drive efficiency, reduce cost and make good sourcing decisions. ITIP can extract data from your current system and increase the return on this investment by transforming the data into actionable information.

You haven’t made an investment in e-billing

If your organization has not made an investment in e-billing, our proprietary system is fully capable of providing this solution as a part of our comprehensive cost management services. Our system provides a portal that allows your agents to submit invoices electronically, thus avoiding the dreaded pile of paper invoices or an inbox full of PDFs. The system screens the data to insure any errors are detected and corrected. The system then transforms and exports the data to your accounts payable function in a convenient format that allows for simplified payment. The net result is a step change in the efficiency of your invoice payment process.

Not only does this solution remove the burden of invoice review from your IP staff, it results in cost savings and brings transparency to your IP spend.

In addition, ITIP’s e-billing solution is fully capable of auditing, analyzing and modelling your data.  Artificial intelligence and IP professional input is used to insure compliance with fee schedules, report and remediate any non-compliance and produce customized reports, analytics and benchmarking.

Cost management

Staffed by former chief IP counsel, patent counsel & other IP professionals, our platform applies a blend of technology, patent process expertise and human resources to provide comprehensive IP cost management. The next evolutionary step in IP cost management best practices, we save corporate IP departments an average of 20 to 30% on their outside patent procurement costs with an emphasis on reducing international filing and prosecution costs. Our platform is designed to work seamlessly, with no interference to our clients’ existing IP policies, systems, quality controls or outside counsel relationships. We provide immediate and recurrent cost reductions for our clients.

Our goal is not only to provide savings, but to provide our clients ongoing IP process improvements with complete transparency into the costs associated with all services provided during the international patent prosecution life cycle. Our platform analyzes legal service provider efficiency and costs in order to assist clients with implementation of best practices and sourcing decisions. Our IP experts can provide comprehensive agent benchmarking analytics and full auditing capabilities, as well as detailed analysis of where inefficiencies exist in the patent prosecution lifecycle.

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