As every day we receive more useful feedback our curriculum grows. And, as our curriculum grows, you will get those benefits. Call us should you have new ideas!

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We are in the marketplace every day speaking to members of the business and technical communities about their situations and needs. As we receive more useful feedback our curriculum grows. And, as our curriculum grows, you will get those benefits. Please feel free to call us should you have new ideas!

Intellectual Property

“IP Fundamentals” is intended to provide business and technical professionals, non-IP lawyers, university students, and faculty with an understanding of the most common forms of intellectual property, as well as key terms and concepts.

Training features

24 Modules
33 Micro-Modules

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Enterprise-wide NDA training is critical to protecting your confidential/proprietary information, trade secrets, and other intellectual property; assets that give you a competitive advantage in a highly competitive world.

Training features

2 Modules
12 Micro-Modules

Marking Of Technical Documents

When delivering technical data under a US Government contract, your trade secrets are at substantial risk. One marking failure in connection with your technical data could lead to the permanent destruction of your trade secret rights, and at the same time result in the delivery of a huge advantage to your competitors.

Training features

4 Modules

Trade Secrets

An effective trade secret program can yield the most valuable jewels in your intellectual property portfolio. With potential for exclusivity of perpetual duration, coupled with their never-to-be-published nature, trade secrets can be more valuable than patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Training features

4 Modules

Contract Fundamentals

What do you need to know about contracts? When do you call in the experts? What is the difference between an oral and written contract? Why is an oral contract dangerous? What is significant about the signature on the contract?

Training features

1 Module

IP: The Movie

Intellectual property is changing everything for businesses. Massive IP opportunties and equally massive IP risks are everywhere.

We all need to speak the language of IP. This movie will help you to do that. Watch as Imagine Enterprises realizes the importance of IP almost too late as they race to get to market.

Training features

71 Minute Feature Film

Cyber Awareness

Cyber Risk Awareness training is critical for the entire enterprise because of the growing risk to our confidential information. The most efficient way to mitigate these risks is with enterprise-wide awareness and guidance.

Training features

4 Modules
12 Micro-Modules

Anti- Corruption

Key nations have created well-funded agencies to find and punish corrupt businesses and individuals, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Punishments are severe, including massive fines and prison. Ignorance of the laws is not a defense. And, your company can incur these penalties for actions you were not even aware of; actions of your employees, your agents, and even companies you’ve acquired. Simply, from top to bottom, this program will help to protect you and your colleagues.

Training features

2 Modules

Pitching Innovation

Many great ideas languish because of an inability of otherwise brilliant people to make the right presentation to management when an opportunity is at hand.

Simply, strong presentation skills can enable you to bring your innovative ideas to life. Our program will describe a proven methodology for success.

Training features

5 Modules