Corporate Solutions

Our pricing model is customized as an annual contract based upon number of users and selection of content.

Free Hosting or Integration

Executive IP content can be hosted on our custom branded Learning Management System (LMS) at no additional charge. We can also place our SCORM compliant content on your existing training platform.

Customized Courses

Leverage Executive IP’s corprate risk library and customize the content to meet your companies needs or create completely custom online courses.

Content Release Plan

We have several tools to assist you in gaining rapid adoption of our training program across your enterprise such as:

  • promotional videos
  • periodic update videos
  • vignettes
  • on-site appearances

University Intellectual Property Program

We are in the marketplace every day speaking with employers about their current needs in connection with new employees.

Our micro certification programs have been designed to help you become more marketable by meeting those needs. Each program is fast, engaging, and filled with just what you need to know about each topic; no wasted words, no wasted time.

After passing the short assessments, you will be awarded a certificate of completion to display on your resume for interviews with prospective employers.

Intellectual Property for Business

Since IP now touches almost every part of business, understanding IP is crucial to your success.

Intellectual Property for Science

You are an Innovator, and IP will enable you to build value in your ideas.

Intellectual Property for Law

If you intend to provide legal counsel to corporate clients, you must at least speak the language of IP.

Advanced IP Training

This course was created to provide in-depth, multi-chapter training for students looking for a thorough understanding of Intellectual Property topics.

Executive IP Training Matrix

The Matrix below was developed to customize the delivery of our IP training to student curriculum. We have the ability to host training through a customized portal to our LMS at no additional cost or provide the Modules for integration in your existing training system.