Identify state of the art documents (patent and non-patent literature) that will invalidate the main claims of a patent application or granted patent (to support third party observation, opposition, invalidation actions)


Review of the patent that the client wishes to invalidate
Define search parameters
Development of one (or more) search string(s) according to search parameters and querying of the databases, including: all types of documents (patents and patent applications, scientific publications, conference proceedings, website, press articles, etc.)
Review of research reports and patent examination procedures (and those related to the patent family): cited documents, patent examiners and applicants’ arguments
Analysis of documents and selection of relevant documents

Reconciliation of patent features considered by the examiner to be both novel and inventive together with relevant documents


List of selected documents including highlights of relevant passages, based on the characteristics that the Client wishes to invalidate and which the examiner considered to be both new and inventive