Why choose MultiLing?

Pioneers of the centralized model.

Traditional to Streamlined

For decades, the process was the same. A global enterprise that wanted to expand into new markets would manage individual relationships with foreign agents in each new country. But this old process was inefficient and expensive. You had to manage multiple relationships, disconnected teams, and blindly hand off translation to foreign companies. MultiLing changed the process, and it ended up changing the industry.

Traditional model

MultiLing overcomes these weaknesses by consolidating translation tasks. We have moved away from independent teams and agents managed by a hierarchy of enterprise employees and toward interactive MultiLing teams that report to enterprise project owners.

Centralized model

With this streamlined translation and foreign patent filing model, MultiLing maximizes enterprise budgets with increased filings and less spend. This gives enterprise customers a strategic advantage over competitors.

Questel Savanta, a modern tech platform

Over the past 30 years, we’ve set the industry standard. And with our new cloud-based IP platform, Savanta™, we’re streamlining global IP innovation.