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Research Disclosure was launched in 1960, acquired by Questel in 2011 and remains the industry standard defensive publication service. Over the last 50 years more than 600 editions of the Research Disclosure journal have been published, containing tens of thousands of technical disclosures from all areas of science and technology.

Research Disclosure Services

Helping you implementing an effective defensive publication program to :

  • Reduce patent expenditure
  • Secure freedom to operate
  • Reduce litigation risk

The negotiation, maintenance and enforcement of even a single patent requires a significant investment of specialist staff time. Many innovations are worth this investment, others are not. What happens to the innovations that were useful but didn’t warrant the patent costs?
Keep them secret and there is an increasing chance that sooner or later they’ll be patented by a third party.

With a defensive publication strategy you publish the borderline innovations which are typically :

  • useful but won’t generate significant revenue
  • or particularly difficult to patent
  • or expensive to enforce even when patented
  • or already well protected by other factors

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The Research Publication Service is popular because it is cheap, fast, searched by examiners and reliable as evidence in court. More than 10% of Research Disclosure publications have gone on to be cited by at least one patent examiner.

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Research Disclosure has been the industry standard defensive publication service for over 50 years. Over that period the service has been used by an estimated 90% of the world’s leading companies and has grown to become a significant non-patent literature archive.

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