Analyze from any scientific sources

Intellixir is the industry’s leading solution to analyse patent and scientific data
for innovation and competitive intelligence.


Search and retrieve technical information (patents, scientific articles, clinical trials…) from your in-house and public sources, from Questel Intelligence and sources from main tools of the market.


Securely access Intellixir with your favorite Web browser (Intellixir is a Software-As-A-Service). Load data originating from any of your sources (e.g.: Blend patent families and scientific articles into a single study). Normalize assignees and affiliations. Categorize your dataset with dedicated features: custom fields, thesauri and glossaries.


Discover relevant information through Intellixir’s rich and interactive graphical presentations. Produce on demand reports and dashboards. Export supporting data.


Share the most relevant results of your study through export files or the EasyLixir interface: a webbased platform dedicated to end-users.