Orbit WebMonitor

Alerts from any selected sources

Why use Orbit Web Monitor?

20,000 qualified and tailored web sources

Powerful watch strategies

Easy alert management

Powerful analysis

Efficient distribution

Qualified sources

Search and watch science and technology news
related business intelligence
20,000+ selected business and innovation web sources:

  • Economy, business and financial feeds from media web sites
  • Specialized industry and business web sites
  • Research organizations, universities, innovation clusters
  • Corporate web sites, start-ups, incubators web sites

25,000+ new articles every day
Tailored Source Packages

Powerful and fine watch strategy

Build strategy with Boolean operators and truncations
Customize alerts
Scan results with interactive drill-down filters

Manage alerts

Access alert results history
Activate/de-activate/edit alerts
Receive alert results every day, week or month by email

Analyse results

Export alert results to Intellixir
Combine such results with other sources (scientific literature and patents)

Distribute results and insights

Access alert results history
Export alert results to Word, PDF, Intellixir formats
Share analysis results through the Easylixir platform