Product Development

Mitigate risks and seize opportunities to secure the launch of a new offer and strengthen the barriers to entry


Successfully developing and commercializing products and services is a high-stakes investment building upon a variety of R&D, acquisition, and market intelligence strategies. Common missteps include failing to identify exclusive rights held by others, under-appreciating technology barriers and impending technical change, poor positioning and misreading the competitive environment.

Questel helps decision makers mitigate these risks, identify value and seize product development and future market opportunities.

Our experienced analysts help product developers and senior management to design and implement strong product clearance and Freedom to Operate programs to avoid unwelcome surprises (Freedom to Operate search) and balance bargain power with other players (Benchmark competitors). Complimenting this research and screening, we assist in checking the alignment of IP to business challenges and developing and implementing short and long-term growth IP strategies related to offers. Examples include value chain strategies xxxx (IP Value Chain Positioning and Product Mapping) to guarantee technology access and increased pricing power and share of profits, to counter / weaken adversaries (Invalidity Search), to strengthen the barriers to entry while limiting the risks of dependence (In&Cross Licensing) and M&A programs to fill gaps in corporate offerings or supply (IP due diligence for investment and M&A).

Questel’s multi-dimension approach that uniquely appreciates the signals and powers contained in IP rights provides corporations with innovative methods to identify, protect and build value into their produce development programs.

Prior art search

Questel Consulting delivers a ranking of highly relevant documents (patent and non-patent literature). With teams in the US, Europe and Asia, we leverage international and multi-disciplinary perspectives to help our clients meet their challenges related to patentability, FTO and invalidation. To gain additional value and simplicity, we can deliver results and update them on Questel’s software platforms


Facilitate application drafting

Improve patent grant rate

Reduce prosecution costs

Implement fast track

Carry out product clearance and freedom to operate

Invalidate blocking patent

Players benchmarking

Questel Consulting provides organizations with a benchmark methodology to evaluate IP / R&D / innovation performance. With a strong experience working for many leading corporations, Questel Consulting execute multi-scale benchmark evaluations that can identify short and long-term trends, and assist in forming action plans to improve IP performance. We create a platform to communicate performance and to assist in monitoring competitor activities.


Define performance metrics aligned with corporate objectives

Compare and measure the balance of power with the competitors

Identify blocking patents and patents with the strongest impact on the ecosystem

Gain new insights and perspectives from the competition

Correct and improve IP position

Implement regular competition monitoring

Value chain positioning

Questel Consulting helps companies evaluate and develop IP perspectives within their supply and value chain. Our clients mitigate risk with a secure supply of core technologies to their business lines and increase revenues with well designed and executed IP programs. All options for value creation in the value chain are considered. Key questions including alignment of a portfolio with business objectives and strategy are answered.


Audit and align IP portfolio with business lines and objectives

Secure position and business in the value chain by seizing opportunities and reducing risks

Leverage and capture new IP value from customers and suppliers

Measure the contribution of patents to the company’s performance and value

Optimize and reduce portfolio costs

IP roadmaps

Developing high-value technologies, products and intellectual property portfolios is a complex and multi-dimensional process. Frequently, substantial value is missed or lost by failing to incorporate an IP perspective into this process. Identifying and capturing IP value is a core process for start-ups and large companies as they execute their marketing and operations. Questel Consulting is skilled at helping define an IP roadmap and action plan perfectly aligned with the business objectives.


Aggregate IP diagnosis and IP landscape

Conduct SWOT analysis and make recommendations

Set up action plan and milestones

Implement KPI and dashboards to follow up and measure the impact of IP

Monitor, on a regularly basis, the competition

Involve and share the objectives with executives

IP due diligence for investment

The most recent studies show that more than 50% of investments in start-ups and SME fail. There are numerous reasons for this, but it could often be avoided should the technology and IP rights be included in the investment evaluation, decision-making, transaction and on-going management. Our due diligence efforts routinely identify unexpected risks and opportunities that inform transaction terms and value.


Analyze business plan and innovation programs to match IP with competitive advantages and promises

Provide encumbrances analysis

Generate elements to assess freedom to operate

Measure IP contribution to overall value of the investment

Make recommendations to reinforce IP