Research & development


Investors and executives seeking long-term growth appreciate the need to obtain high-returns from their R&D investments. Whether a large organization investing 10% of gross sales or a pre-revenue organization seeking to maximize returns on invested capital, through our services and supporting platforms and tools, Questel provides a unique, data-driven approach to identifying opportunities and avoiding costly mistakes.

Leading corporations, research institutions and their advisors routinely turn to Questel to position their innovation projects regarding the market drivers (Industry Studies),  to  gain important perspectives on their IP environment (Technology & Competency Mapping) in order to:

  • Forecast  potential applications of existing technical competency and IP portfolios (Use and Application Screening) and
  • Leverage internal innovation programs (White Space Analysis, Patentability Search, Ideation & creativity management),
  • Develop external and “hybrid” innovation programs (Technology Scouting / In-icensing).

We understand the complex interactions between technology, finance, processes, corporate relationships, and intellectual property rights. R&D for growth is a long-term process that requires the rigor, depth and insights provided by Questel.

Use & market screening

Questel Consulting helps organizations identify unmet customer needs and diversify their activities. Building upon our original IP analytics approach, we incorporate key business and economic perspectives for a project or an innovation, looking at technological, economical and regulatory issues influencing targeted markets. In addition to our own expertise, we leverage a broad-based set of resources including leading experts and web data to provide unmatched context.


Prioritize potential new markets for expansion and define best economic model

Diversify activities to add value to current business

Confront the innovation project to the market realities and needs through interviews

Address IP, technical barriers and regulatory constraints before entering a market

Identify potential collaboration partners

Understand how to build strong IP position to secure and maximize revenues

Technology & competency mapping

Questel Consulting’s combination of market intelligence, technical skills and industry experience provides R&D / IP executives and corporate management unique insights into shifting ecosystems and business model, competition and alliances between organizations. We are skilled at helping companies identify new levers of innovation, evaluate their position and accelerate decisions / actions to drive fast and improved results.


Map a technical field and obtain the technological state of the art to share with stakeholders

Identify trends, players and competitors’ positions in current and emerging R&D and products

Assess relative IP positions and developments across technology and industrial value chain

Benchmark key indicators and criteria for select peers or competitors to evaluate performance

Identify strategic advantages and opportunities for new development and focused improvement

Define a strategic approach to exist and grow in the landscape


Questel Consulting helps companies prepare for and execute successful ideation & creativity sessions and programs. Whether creating the foundation for a session or defining the process, success metrics and incentives – we are skilled at helping companies manage their ideas portfolio and implement custom software solutions.


Define innovation challenges and expectations

Improve and foster creativity process, capitalize on in-house ideation

Manage ideas generation within complex organizations thanks to top-of-the-edge software solutions

Match ideas with patented state of the art and internal knowledge

Identify and take advantage of white spaces with breakthrough inventions and high value patents

Produce “Inventions sheets” with high patentability rate

White space analysis

Highly-effective R&D programs go beyond fundamental research. They provide targeted research into technologies and applications that address specific market opportunities and customer needs, often free of protection. This is a white space. White space analysis from Questel Consulting provides data-driven insights that help companies target their innovation programs in the most promising areas where future high value may be captured.


Analyze the IP landscape and understand the technological trendsIdentify directions from weak signals

Generate prospective analysis and imagine new technology breakthroughs

Define white spaces with patent filing opportunities

Validate hypotheses with international experts

Build your IP strongholds

Technology scouting / In-licensing

Questel Consulting helps companies, advisors and research firms identify investment opportunities and navigate the decisions required during negotiations to bring them to completion. From sponsored research and licensing-in to corporate ventures and other alliances, our team understands how to help craft objectives, select “best” options, and manage external investments over time.


Stay aware of new developments and open innovation opportunities

Speed-up R&D programs thanks to outside innovation

Identify patents to reinforce a position

Hire experts to provide fast and effective answers to potential shortfalls

Conduct due diligence and support negotiation