The Best Practices for leading an Open Organization

The International Collaborative White Paper about The Best Practices for leading an Open Organization !

This White paper has been created based on the participation of more than 120 R&D and Innovation decision-makers in a survey conducted by the company Expernova between April and September 2015.

It also provides a platform for 16 International Innovation specialists from different fields of expertise.

They share with us their experiences and expertise in developing methods and processes in order to simplify the implementation of Open Innovation projects within innovative companies.

The aim of this book is to gather the innovation decision-makers around the key subjects of Open Innovation and partnership practices.

Its collaborative, open and international nature makes this white paper much more than a document, it is the creation of a community.

The Best Practices for leading an Open Organization !

Everything you need to know before launching an Innovation Project :

✓ 16 International Expert Testimonies
✓ 120 top R&D managers surveyed
✓ International : USA, France, Germany, UK,…
✓ Key Opinion Leaders & TEDx Speakers

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