Classification of IP documents using Artificial Intelligence

Watch our video and discover AI-Classifier

Speed up your evaluation process without limiting your searches for fear of information overload: Meet Questel’s new AI-Classifier.

Exploration of Intellectual Property information does not escape the current technological trend of machine learning.

 This technology has developed to the point that we can now offer you functionality that could transform your working methods! Most scientific and technical fields are experiencing exponential growth in the number of patent filings, resulting in an increasingly large volume of documents to analyze. Resources can scarcely keep up with this pace.

 Watch our video and discover how the AI-Classifier provides you the opportunity to detect more key documents while at the same time accelerating your document evaluation process : 

  •  Enhance your IP Monitoring: benefit from automatic ranking alert results.
  •  Save time, focus on value added documents: use customized relevancy score.
  •  Boost your competitive watch: train your AI to detect what’s important for you.

Watch our video :