How can Blockchain & Workflow Monitoring Technologies help Trademark teams

New approaches to Trademark Management and Protection in the Digital Edge

Discover how to meet the needs of today’s globally connected brands!
Trademark departments are constantly confronted with emerging challenges to manage brands in a digital world. While internet, social media, app store or 3D printing have provided more opportunities for brands to globalize quickly, it has also increased the complexity of protecting trademarks and monitoring for infringement. In this constantly changing landscape successful trademark teams need innovative technological approaches!
In this webinar, two IP practitioners will discuss how to improve trademark management and prosecution via technology.
  • Discover a central and secure solution to build, manage and monitor trademarks:
    simplify data verification, leverage data analytics, streamline workflow and automate administrative tasks.
  • Learn how to strengthen the protection of your trademark thanks to Blockchain technology:
    transform the registration of your IP assets by making the process faster and more cost effective, secure and accurate.

Watch our video :