Simplify and secure IP searches for R&D team

Connect agile innovation teams with IP teams

To keep the R&D team abreast of the latest developments, prevent reinvention of the wheel or help identify technical solutions to a problem; it’s critical to find ways to make IP reachable and relatable.  

Discover, with this webinar,  how Orbit Express can help you accelerate your IP searches and allow you to capitalize on shared information by creating a bridge between IP and R&D teams.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Increase IP’s accessibility for R&D: secure and simplify prior art searches through our best-in-class database. Easily track new inventions of competitors and remain a step ahead.
  • Refine innovation dashboards with deep IP searches: use our advanced search to focus on specific search fields of interest and drill down to only the most relevant data.
  • Access unique business insights and answer key business questions: see the big picture on your innovation ecosystem (market trends, potential partners, competitors’ landscape, and technology scouting).

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