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  • Dessins et modèles industriels

    Mise à jour hebdomadaire.

  • Données chimiques

    De nouvelles molécules publiées sont détectées chaque semaine.

  • Marque

    Mise à jour quotidienne

  • Base de données des brevets

    Contenu clé

      Objet de l’invention.
      Avantages et inconvénients de l’art antérieur.
      Des revendications indépendantes.

    Structure d’enregistrement flexible

      Par brevet individuel.
      Par famille de brevets basés sur des inventions.
      Par famille de brevets élargie.

    Métriques d’évaluation des brevets

      Valeur du brevet.
      La force des brevets.
      Impact de la technologie des brevets.
      Stratégie du marché des brevets.
      Originalité du brevet.
      Généralités sur les brevets.
      Radicalité des brevets.
  • Player profiles

    Updated bi-monthly

  • Legal Status

    Legal status is available for 60 patent-issuing authorities, 118 trademark registers and 64 design registers.

    For patents, most of the information comes from the EPO “Legal Status” database also known as PRS (Patent Register Service) which covers events occurring during the patent cycle and may affect the legal status of published applications or granted patents.

    However for crucial authorities such China and US legal status is directly obtained from their local patent office.

    Normalized searchable legal events

    Complete indexing (for searching) of

    US register (USPAIR)

    FDA's Orange Book (including complementary protection certificates)

    US Official Gazette


  • Standards

  • Licensing Agreements

  • Litigations worldwide

    Litigations from the USA

    Parties involved


    Also available

  • Scientific Publications

    Updated weekly.

  • Defensive Scientific Publications

    Updated weekly.

  • Industrial Designs

    Updated weekly.

  • Sequence data

    Updated weekly.

  • Chemical Data

    New published molecules detected weekly.

  • Trademark

    Updated daily

  • Patent Database

    Key Content
      Object of the invention.
      Advantages and prior art drawbacks.
      Independent claims.
    Flexible Record Structure
      By individual patent.
      By invention-based patent family.
      By extended patent family.
    Patent Evaluation Metrics
      Patent Value.
      Patent Strength.
      Patent Technology Impact.
      Patent Market Strategy.
      Patent Originality.
      Patent Generality.
      Patent Radicalness.