How limagrain implemented Orbit Insight

Published, 3 May 2021

More and more seeds take into account the challenges of climate change, and the market calls for agricultural production systems achieving better agronomic and environmental performance, which requires innovation. Limagrain, as both an agricultural cooperative owned by farmers and an international seed company, takes on these challenges through genetic progress and a sustained R&D activity.

With the introduction of Orbit Innovation, Limagrain has been able to speed up its internal process to feed decision makers with global insights on technologies and marketsegments.

It is well-indicated to clear the way and start a study. It helps to quickly get names, companies and an idea if the market is IP-centric or not.




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Foodtech: Patents and the rise of meat and dairy protein alternatives

Innovation Intelligence

This eBook examines patent-filing activity in the Foodtech sector to establish innovation activity for alternative protein technologies by filer, geography and technology.


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