Brand Enforcement

We provide targeted trademark and design enforcement services to enable brand owners to enforce their valuable IP rights against third-party infringement.


From conflicting registrations of brand names to copycat websites and the counterfeiting of entire products, the threat of infringement is growing in both off and online channels. IP enforcement forms a critical part of any well-managed trademark and design portfolio but, to be effective, it must be fully coordinated and proportionate to the threat.

Trademark watching systems can identify potentially infringing registrations while software can play a crucial role in identifying brand infringement online, but technology is only one part of the solution. It is the combination of IT, automation, and IP attorneys that provide the key to an effective and robust brand enforcement strategy.

From the design and implementation of brand-wide enforcement programs to the management of specific issues demanding a determined and cost-effective response, our monitoring and enforcement services support brand owners where they need us most. 

Our systems, services, and network of attorneys enable us to provide a coordinated approach to trademark oppositions, anti-counterfeiting and customs, online brand protection, and litigation management.

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