Direct Validation

Direct Validation is now a part of Questel's EP validation offer

Direct Validation joined Questel Group in 2019

More than three decades of expertise and know-how in EP validation

Founded in 1988 and based in Stockholm (Sweden), Direct Validation is a world leader in validation of European patents — the process of nationalizing European patents.

By identifying and eliminating superfluous services and middlemen in the validation process, Direct Validation has been able to reduce client costs by as much as 50%.

Acquired by Questel in 2019, Direct Validation has added valuable expertise to Questel’s IP service offering.

Combined synergies for quality-focused and expertly-designed services above and beyond EP validation

Questel is one of the world’s largest Intellectual Property software and service providers and has been providing European patent validation services for many years, mainly through trusted partners. The merging of Direct Validation’s expertise in EP validation with Questel’s comprehensive intellectual property offering translates into an even more efficient and cost-effective service delivery for our clients.

As an end-to-end IP software and services provider, Questel offers a complete set of enhanced services beyond EP validation, including:

International Filing

Obtaining worldwide patent coverage can be a complex and expensive task. We have developed a set of industry best practices to help you streamline the process while maximizing quality and reducing costs.


When it comes to patent translation,  the right words matter. And, so do timing, quality, and cost savings. Quality patent translation is essential to the protection of your IP assets, and Questel’s management of the process ensures it.


With its comprehensive solution, you can trust Questel to manage your annuities and renewals correctly and cost effectively with minimal demand on your time and department resources.

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