Intellectual Property

Everything starts with an Idea

Questel offers a full suite of web based services for productivity and collaboration dedicated to intellectual property with search, analysis and idea- to-asset management capabilities.

Questel provides a comprehensive and unique collection of intellectual property databases for each stage of the innovation lifecycle. Questel delivers consulting and legal services, as well as online and onsite training.

Orbit Intelligence

Sequence searching now available

Questel is pleased to release Orbit BioSequence for IP specialists in biotech, pharma and agrochemical organizations. Searching for DNA, RNA and amino acid sequences across Orbit Intelligence’s massive collection of patents is now a reality.

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Innovation Intelligence

Questel reinforces its offer for R&D departments

Questel, one of the world’s largest online intellectual property service providers, announces the acquisition of Expernova, a gem specializing in scientific big data.

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Drafting service

Questel Forms Strategic Partnership with Concur IP on Patent Application Drafting Services. This partnership will expand Questel’s offerings to include patent drafting services.

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International filing

Questel invest in ITIP and becomes a leader in international filing. With a unique cost management solution, ITIP propose a unique software approach to big saving in prosecution costs.

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Patent and litigation data

If you’re using Darts‑ip, we have good news! Questel entered into a partnership with Darts-ip to provide its users seamless access to global case law information.

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Getting started with Orbit is easy!

Discover our new Easy search, an all-purpose search with our latest recognition engine, an automatic field detection, a combined results from previous searches and a command line requests.……

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