Orbit Asset

Business focused, automated docketing and financial forecasting

Organize, Monitor, Strategize, and Report information.


Structure your portfolio. Segment your IP assets by products or business units.
Associate all contracts with linked assets and highlight critical aspects for all stakeholders.


Control and follow-up IP procedures.  Create your own deadlines , assign deadlines to tasks and follow them up. Anticipate your IP procedures and manage your workload accordingly.
Minimize manual tasks thanks to the permanent portfolio updating
Receive alerts showing discrepancies between your portfolio and official publications
Monitor and forecast your legal obligations and commercial targets.


Benchmark your portfolio:

  • scout for technology and evaluate licensing opportunities
  • assess business and legal risks
  • measure your ability to exclude
  • prune non-critical, less valuable assets
  • identify licensable art and target licensees.

Forecast and follow intellectual property budgets. Assess your portfolio cost structure. Build and compare budget scenarios in real time and align IP expenditure with your corporate strategy.


Focus & share. Build customizable portfolio state dashboards.

Build reports by portfolio segments (products, business Units…) broken down by:

  • State (pending / granted, alive, dead, granted)
  • Costs (by stages and kinds)
  • Cost forecast (by stages and kinds)
  • Inventors…