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Orbit ASSET is an intuitive docketing and portfolio management system focusing on financial aspects while keeping your assets up to date and aligned with your company strategy.

Control and follow-up IP procedures

Save time and gain in efficiency with the auto-creation of accurate IP prosecution due dates and reminders driven by our first-in-class law engine and direct a link with USPTO (Private and Public PAIR).

Manage all of your IP assets (Patents, Trademarks, Design) and associated documents on a single platform.

IP dashboard and reports

Provide powerful insights that showcase your portfolio and KPIs related to your docketing events for IP teams, business development, and company executives.

Managing IP budgets

Streamline your budget thanks to our cost forecasting engine equipped with up-to-date market rates and compare your forecasts with your actual invoices. 

Managing IP budgets ​
Upgrade your renewals and annuities management

Upgrade your renewals and annuities management

Reduce complexity and administration by automating your filing and renewals processes in a one-stop shop.

Automatic patent and trademark data updates

Save time and avoid manual data changes by implementing our weekly portfolio updates for quality checks (worldwide coverage).

Be notified of discrepancies between your portfolio and official publications.

Patent and trademark data auto updates

Invention-to-filing process

Collect invention disclosures in custom programs, use automatic prior art search based on concept semantics and determine the right IP asset.  

Additional features



Load up-to-date IP data using Questel’s API, synchronize your portfolio and take advantage of our IA based semantic search to make your data more reliable.


Orbit Invention
Add-on or stand-alone.
Capture and streamline the inventiveness of your engineers and inventors throughout the innovation cycle to effectively and efficiently protect their inventions.

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