Prosecution support


Docketing, Office Action response shells and IDS

prosecution support

Questel, with it’s more than 18 years of exclusive IP industry exposure, is working towards helping you find the right solution!

We have a team of paralegals based out of the US and India, who have experience of working with multiple corporate and law firm clients during the application prosecution lifecycle, and can develop the right solution for you. We understand that the support required for a paralegal team varies from the activities listed below to a host of others, that might be very specific to your organization.

Office action support

The importance of what the administrative function does, before, during and after the conversion of an idea to an application, through to its grant, can rarely be undermined, by anyone involved in the process. Finding an experienced resource, however, who encapsulates the varying degrees of the task at hand, whether it is coordinating with the inventors or establishing a routine with the many foreign associates, is a daunting task.


Our docketing team is adept at not only our proprietary tools, but has also worked on multiple other tools. We can work with you to design the docketing process around our standard processes or your own framework, configure the docketing workflows in the docket management systems, profile and upload the document as well as communicate with various stakeholders for all past and upcoming deadlines.

Office Action Response

An attorney spends significant amount of time in responding to office actions. Our team of paralegals can help you to put together the standard information that needs to go into these office action response shells, and also prepare the entire package for making the job easier for you, i.e. the marked up as well as clean claim set, the PDF copies of the prior art rejections, as well as the office action response shell, only requiring the arguments for completion and filing.

Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)

These are mandatory requirements as per the Duty of Disclosure, and definitely one of the most tedious tasks, requiring significant effort. Our team starts the IDS process by putting together the family tree through search on all relevant and available public PTO websites, thorough review of file history to list all prior art cited by examiner / applicant for each family member, status of all such prior art at a consolidated location, shared with client for review before progressing further in the process.

Listed above are some of the processes that we can assist you with, and this is only an indicative list. We specialize in creating processes as per your requirement at each stage of prosecution.

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