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Why are we the search professionals for you?

We have been delivering fantastic search results for over 20 years. How do we know this? Because, year-after-year, our clients are thrilled with our performance. Why? Because our methods work! Unlike every other search firm that boasts of searching all the right databases in all the right parts of the world with all the right search tools by all the right search professionals (which we do), we actually OWN all the right databases in all the right parts of the world, and we have actually BUILT all the right search tools which are used by search professionals and patent examiners everywhere! Simply, we know the patent search and analysis business from every point of view. We know patents and publications, we know how to search patents and publications, and we know how to deliver you results in a format that you can use to advance your business goals.​

Our Search Process

Your patent search will be assigned to one of our search staff. Your customized patent search will begin with the development of complex keyword strategies in an effort to locate the most relevant Classification areas. Your dedicated searcher will then shift to patent-by-patent reviews of the relevant Classifications.

About Our Researchers

Our search staff is comprised of a team of experienced, professional patent researchers whose objectives are to locate the most-relevant prior art available.

Our full-time employees possess a combined total of over 90 years of full-time patent research experience. Some of our searchers are previous patent examiners and/or are patent agents registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Intellectual Property Research Services

Novelty/Pre-Examination Search

Electrical/Chemical or Complex Mechanical Novelty/ Pre-Examination Search

Software, Internet, Business Methods Novelty/ Pre-Examination Search

Accelerated Examination (AE) Search

Invalidity/Infringement/Right-to-Use Search

State-of-the-Art Search

Collection Search

Assignment/Ownership and Maintenance Fee Inquiries