Orbit eBilling


Simplify IP invoice management using advanced eBilling technology


Gain eBilling visibility with reporting dashboards

Quickly deliver deep eBilling data insights to where they have the most impact and provide for more informed decision-making – all from one user-defined dashboard.


eBilling Orbit Software Dashboard
eBilling Orbit Software Invoice Dashboard

Automate IP invoice processing tasks

Powerful eBilling automation checks submitted IP invoices with corporate guidelines, filtering, and reporting to optimize workflows to increase team efficiency.

eBilling streamlines IP invoice review

Optimize staff and review process by only reviewing invoices for final approval and payment after automated checks. Empower teams to focus on higher-value tasks.

eBilling Orbit Software Matter Dashboard
eBilling Orbit Software Reporting Dashboard

Analyze & report on all IP invoices

Reduce complexity and eBilling administration time with advanced insights delivered on one screen for all parties to collaborate effortlessly.

Expert IP eBilling system benefits

Control & Transparency

Teams gain full control over IP costs and gain business data transparency to eliminate silos of business information 

Support Included

Experts are on-call to help you with the tech. We eliminate the extra fees that come with other eBilling solutions


Reveal deeper insights within your data using pre-built reports and complete forecasting capabilities in the system 

IPMS Integration

Eliminate unnecessary data stream reconciliation by having your IPMS service integrated into the eBilling  

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