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Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court services

Prepare for the new Unitary Patent system with dedicated solutions, including advice and assistance for opting out from the jurisdiction of the Unified Patent Court.

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Unified patent court

Unitary Patent: A new gateway to patent protection in Europe

The European patent with unitary effect (Unitary Patent) will provide applicants with a new route to patent protection in Europe when it comes into effect on June 1, 2023.

To support patent applicants and their legal advisors, Questel and its IP law firm partners offer a range of dedicated Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC) opt-out services.

End-to-end support for your Unitary Patent applications

Centralize your Unitary Patent needs with us, or choose a single or package of services

Unitary Patent
landscape analysis



Patent ownership
data checks

Filing Opt-out



Novagraaf legal

& consulting services

Administrative support for filing European patents with unitary effect

Patent ownership data checks


Filing European patents with unitary effect

Competitive intelligence

Opt-out services

Novagraaf legal & consulting services


Unitary Patent landscape analysis

Dedicated Unitary Patent lifecycle services

Our Unitary Patent services are designed to support you at every step.

Actions to take now
  • Landscape analysis: Identify patents to opt-out of the jurisdiction of the UPC with a patent portfolio analysis.
  • Data checks: Check the accuracy of ownership records at the EPO and national PTOs against the data you hold to prepare opt-out declarations.
  • Determine opt-out strategy: Update your European patent filing strategy with advice from Novagraaf on opting-out and recommended filing routes for your patent portfolio.
The sunrise period
  • Benefit from our streamlined UPC opt-out service designed for all portfolio sizes, including bulk opt-outs.
  • Monitor the opt-out strategies of your competitors.






Ongoing support
  • Get lifecycle administrative support for all your Unitary Patent and European patent filings once the UP/UPC goes live, including requesting European patents with unitary effect, translations, and renewals.






Questel does not provide legal services. For patent legal & consulting services, we recommend the services of European IP specialist Novagraaf, part of the Questel group. This service will be provided under a separate agreement between you and Novagraaf.

Streamlined solutions for all your Unitary Patent needs

Using the Questel Services Portal, you can instruct your Unitary Patents in only a few clicks!

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