IP Administration


End-to-end IP admin, IP docketing, data verification

paralegal services

The intellectual property administration services team at Questel:

  • Assists our clients in managing their end-to-end administrative tasks.

  • Helps our clients to not only attain greater cost efficiency, but also work as their extended team, imbibing their organizational values into our ways of functioning.

  • While offering standard services like proofreading, IP docketing management, and document preparation to some of our clients, for others we adopt a consultative approach, where we understand their requirements, and design a solution for them.

  • Supports our clients in projects that could entail doing ad-hoc data transfer, data validation, file creation projects or working as full-time paralegals for attorneys, we deliver as per your needs and adapt to your requirements. We also work as the virtual IP team for some of our clients, wherein a paralegal is assigned to the attorney to handle their docket and all other administrative tasks.

  • Includes IP admin experts who would assist a client for, for example, 150 hours a month at a monthly / annual fixed cost or have an hourly or project-based cost basis client requirements.
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