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Simplify European Patent validation using our integrated platform

So much of the European Patent validation process involves repetitive tasks and follow-up. Now, with a single instruction you can turn the entire process over to Questel, saving you valuable time and resources.

As your extended staff, we will coordinate all of the unique requirements of your EP validation. We have a thorough understanding of the unique rules and filing requirements for each jurisdiction. Plus, our workflow management system tracks deadlines to ensure a timely submission. All you have to do is sit back and wait for us to notify you when the job is complete.

We’ve established strong relationships and favorable validation rates with foreign associates across all EPO validation states. Collaboration is important to us, and we appreciate the value of your own agent relationships. That’s why we also seamlessly integrate with your network of EP associates for EP Validation. We truly are an extension of your team.

What to expect when you choose our EP validation services


No matter how good your patent is, a quality translation is essential to securing patent protection in each of your target jurisdictions. Questel’s unique ISO-certified quality control system, fully integrated into its workflow management platform, ensures just that. Each translation is performed by a native linguist with both subject-matter and linguistic expertise, and an equally qualified linguist performs the quality control review.

Reduced cost

When it comes to the final cost of an EP validation, reducing the number of middlemen is key. Experience over several decades of service to large clients has helped Questel find ways around obstacles in all major European countries. This means that we can save you money by offering validation services with fewer middlemen. Our competitive fee is nominal, and the entire process has been streamlined to make it more cost efficient.


Your time is too valuable to spend on repetitive tasks. Our streamlined processes help you liberate resources and save time that would otherwise be spent performing administrative tasks. For patent holders, this means that Questel manages the tasks associated with instructing agents on validation and responding to the Intention to Grant. For patent attorneys, this means that your valuable time can be spent on more important tasks, and the resulting savings can be passed on to your clients.

Safety and transparency

Your patent portfolio is based upon major investments and long research and must be handled in a safe, secure way. That is why our tools give you complete visibility. You can continually track the progress and cost of your validation and receive a single itemized bill for the service. The experience of our European patent attorney firms and offices, together with the built-in safety features of our IP workflow management platform, guarantee that you will receive at least the same level of safety and security offered by any patent attorney firm.

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Questel acquired Direct Validation, a world leader in validation of European patents – the process of nationalizing European patents.

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