Press Release

Tokyo, February 1st 2022

Questel and Fuji Electric IT Solutions sign a business alliance in the Japanese market.


Questel, a global provider of Intellectual Property software and services, announced today the signing of a sales alliance with Fuji Electric IT Solutions Co., Ltd (FITS) to accelerate its growth in the Japanese market.

Questel provides IP solutions to more than 20,000 clients in 30 countries. Questel has offered a wide range of IP-related software and services since its inception in 1978, and is highly recognized in the global market. In the Japanese market, Questel has a historical and solid position. Three acquisitions during the past 5 years demonstrate the dedication of Questel to the Japanese IP industry. For instance, Cyber Patent Co., Ltd. was acquired by Questel in January 2020 to become a sole business partner for Japanese clients to provide entire IP-related solutions.

Questel’s goal is to be the preferred partner of choice for Japanese companies for IP software and tech-enabled services along the complete IP lifecycle. In this context, and to better deliver high-quality solutions in the Japanese market, Questel and Fuji Electric IT Solutions decided to build a strategic alliance. Fuji Electric IT Solutions supports customers’ intellectual property activities with 20 years of business know-how and experience with the best IP solutions.

As intellectual property and corporate value become more closely linked, intellectual property strategy is shifting from a “defensive approach” to “a strong competitive advantage“.

Our common goal is to support Intellectual Property strategy along the entire innovation cycle, from the research, development, production, or marketing stages which are directly linked to the business strategy. 

Through this business alliance, Questel and Fuji Electric IT Solutions will strengthen and expand their sales networks and promote multifaceted proposals that are closer than ever to Japanese customers needs.