ELM Data Integration Service


Seamless data source integration connects the entire business


Connect all business data flows for transparent analysis

Eliminate data silos with expert ELM data integration service connecting all business system data flows and provide analytic insights to the entire business ecosystem.

expert data stream integrations with existing business systems

Using ELM Data Integration Service, all business data captured by your existing systems can be integrated into Ascent ELM. Our experts learn your business challenges, goals, and needs to ensure the right data is available when and where it offers the most impact. 

ELM Integrations seamlessly feed into all business systems to enable true data-driven decisions based on real-time information. Your legal solution can now translate disparate data into actionable insights that answer strategic business questions.


Deliver collaborative visibility in one place

ELM data integration service connects workflow & data

Expertly-guided data integrations easily & seamlessly bring all business data feeds into one collaborative position.

Build stronger business relationships with your other business unit teams. Collaboration leads to more positive action.

Ongoing data integrations ensure that when new systems are brought into your business that the data is translated into your ELM system.

Repurpose your team to focus on the law while our experts handle integrating the technology to work within your existing processes.

Business transparency comes from business data being shared to ensure decision-making is enabled by real-time, current data.

Every decision is now based on real-time data from every aspect of the business - integrated data eliminates silos to ensure accuracy.

Ascent ELM Integration Service unlocks the full potential
of your ELM solution with smart data, intelligently delivered.

Business Interface and Data Integration Service

Capture, translate, and pass data from supporting applications such as Accounts Payable, IPMS, Claims, Document Management, CRM, ERP, and more directly into the Ascent ELM software. Our experts work with your business teams to provide the most applicable interfacing strategy through API, Web Services, or Flat File feeds into a single information resource. This additional service provides for a more transparent and collaborative business position for all involved business units by eliminating the need to manually manage multiple data inputs, translations, and transfers. 


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