IP Asset Management Software

Align your IP portfolio with your strategy

Align your Intellectual property portfolio management with business strategy, using smarter processes and modern analytics.

To implement a disciplined plan and remain competitive in a fast moving market, IP departments need to be equipped with smart solutions that provide better user experience, a business-oriented process and modern analytics.
IP managers must constantly solve the complex equation of developing a rich and secured portfolio, while facing an increasing cost pressure.

A comprehensive Intellectual property portfolio management offer

Commercialization & IP value
Automated docketing
Business-oriented dashboards
Cost forecasting
Collaborative Invention-to-filing
Contract Management
Blockchain Timestamping
Informed decision making

Organize, Monitor, Steer, and Foster insightful decisions

Key Competitive Advantages

For a long time, IAM tools have only supported IP teams to ensure that key official deadlines not be missed (based upon law engines).

Now, decision makers need tangible and factual evidence to help them better understand endogenous and exogenous factors and adapt their IP strategy.

User friendly

2 solutions depending on your needs.

Data reliability

Connected to the most trusted ip databases.

Legaltech resources

Smart contracts and blockchain tracking and protection.

Full IP services and expertise

Priority filing, international filing, annuities and renewals.

Find the Intellectual property portfolio management solution
you need


Orbit Asset
The power of a comprehensive
business-minded docketing portfolio

orbit capture

Orbit Capture
The essential workflow to stay in control of 
your IP portfolio management


Orbit Blockchain
Use blockchain-based technology for
Inventions’ Timestamping