ELM in Europe: Fifth, Getting the most ELM success

Published, 10 May 2022

How can European Legal teams ensure ELM success?

Once a European Legal Department decides to invest in an ELM technology, they may still encounter challenges that prevent achieving optimal ELM success. What are the challenges faced most often?

     •  User reluctance to adopt new technology
     •  Answering why a separate system is needed to better manage legal data
     •  Finding the optimal path to reach the expected benefits

Overcoming these quickly goes a long way toward setting the team up for success.

Our last eBook explored the top 5 benefits legal departments should expect from ELM success. The question is, how does a European legal team reach comparable results? We’ll show how to navigate past the challenges and begin the transformation

Knowing where to start once the system is installed creates confidence that positive results are attainable. User confidence in getting the most from ELM systems is vital to ensuring the optimal ROI is reached as quickly as possible. Client testimonials for ELM success often report they received significant savings and a notable efficiency boost within the first year, but the first question is, “How did they do it?”

Download the latest eBook to learn about how Questel’s Ascent ELM solution can help European Legal departments receive the greatest ELM success beginning at day #1. 

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