Evaluating Legal Ops Solutions - Assemble a Team



Corporate Legal departments are facing growing pressure to increase team efficiency while lowering their overall legal spend. To do so, more are seeking advanced legal technology to help improve performance and deliver greater value to the entire organization. Legal Ops has taken the lead on this initiative in many cases. What Legal Ops is missing is a proven checklist to follow when evaluating Legal Tech solutions. This can be a daunting task when tackled all at once, so Questel has broken it down to demonstrate how properly planning this type of project can be made easier by using a 7-step process


Following this proven checklist will lead to greater technology adoption and long-term Legal Ops success.

As Legal technology continues to advance, it enables corporate legal departments to automate workflows, make system integrations & processes more efficient, and improve legal team performance by as much as 65%. Inspired by clients’ success stories, we put together this series to share best practices and insights to help your team evaluate your next Legal Ops technology solution with the greatest opportunity for success.

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The first step in the checklist is to assemble your evaluation team. The eBook provides the suggested criteria to build a strong, cross-functional, multidisciplinary, and diverse evaluation team. Building your team with the right members will help drive Legal technology acceptance, project involvement, and build a sense of empowerment. When assembling your evaluation team, keep the entire company’s needs in mind, not just Legal’s. Gathering “champions” from each business unit will provide a holistic approach to overcoming project challenges, identifying all critical integrations required, and uncovering opportunities to increase business efficiency.


Read more about assembling the best evaluation team by downloading the first checklist step in our “Evaluating Legal Ops Solutions” series of eBooks.