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innosabi Startup is a collaborative software (Startup Relationship Management – SRM) a part of the innosabi software suite supporting your Open Innovation strategy. A unique tool for the sourcing, review, follow-up and development of your partners and innovative projects.

Between large companies and innovative partners, synergies are numerous but often difficult to identify and even harder to implement. Further, it is difficult to find the right Open Innovation platform to manage constantly evolving partners and projects. Innosabi startup software guides you into this uncertain world so you can manage your development strategies and take quick decisions!

Find Emerging Startups and turn them into Valuable Partners

innosabi Startup is an Open Innovation platform specifically developed to support your strategy. Its features allow you and your innovation team to scout, review, follow-up and strengthen your relationship with startups. It’s like a CRM system for all your contact points and deals with startups.

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innosabi Startup benefits

Share your dealflow of innovative partners and opportunities

Collaborate on a single platform to detect and develop the best solutions

Quickly connect with innovative actors in your target markets

Track and analyze your innovation ecosystem

Provide solutions fit for ground needs

Key features

Add up key actors rapidly

Feed your partner base in a few clicks: automatic completion, API, application form, etc. Use external, sharable challenge links to send out to potential startups and invite them to submit their information and product information. Seamlessly evaluate and transition the applicants within your deal-flow pipeline.

Handle your dealflow easily ​

Organize, review and follow up with your innovation portfolio. To benefit from your startup relationships, you have to go beyond loose contact and engage them in actual collaboration. The deal-flow interface of innosabi Startup allows you to assign tasks, evaluate startups, and monitor the progress within your innovation team.

Monitor and report your partnerships

Track the evolution of your portfolio and measure your KPIs thanks to statistical dashboards and various exports.

Carry out innovative calls for projects

Adopt a new way to source partners and communicate about your approach!

Open Innovation platform additional features


Advanced management of your workflow and related rights


Assessment and feedback features: forums, multi-criteria ratings, likes…


Filter system and integrated search engine


Automatic news feed on your partners and themes


Machine learning algorithms and customized recommendations


Alert and notification system

Not to forget:

  • Safety

    A Saas hosted in France, certified by several audits from our clients and GDPR compliant.

  • Simplicity

    Intuitive Open Innovation platform, ready to use without training and available on all your devices (responsive design & mobile app).

  • Support

    A dedicated team that guides you from framing to implementation and keeps on helping you for all your uses!

  • Connectivity

    An API library and the ability to connect to your major business tools and directories.

  • Customization

    Innosabi (idea, partnering and tech) fits your brand image, your methods and your uses.

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