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Our Naming service provides a single end-to-end solution that ensures cost- and time-efficient delivery of new names for new products and services. By choosing Questel, the need for in-house teams to coordinate the work of separate organizations is removed. Each project is assigned to a dedicated Questel manager whose sole focus is to ensure compliance with your priorities. Upon request, if you wish to go further and require a freedom to operate analysis for new names and products, we recommend using our global partner team of IP attorneys.

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Smart name creation

Our name creation specialists have decades of experience and, despite the challenges of exponential growth in commerce and new marks in use, continue to deliver exactly the naming service clients are seeking.
The added benefit of having an integrated team and service is cross-fertilisation of ideas that more quickly advances the process towards a successful outcome.

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Visibility and control

Throughout the journey from name creation to clearing, clients are kept fully informed and have free access to our online platform through which progress can be monitored.
Our platform provides varying levels of analysis and a full audit trail of results and actions, enabling you to hone in on the key issues and address them efficiently.

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Single streamlined solution

The best ideas seem obvious when finally presented to the world. The wheel and the bag existed independently for centuries; it took modern ingenuity to combine them into what has now become indispensable to travellers.

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