Smart IP Portfolio Management. Combine IP Management Software with data and services.

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Business-oriented Intellectual Asset Management

Keep your assets up to date and aligned with your company strategy.

Slide Operations  
Digitalize administrative
Renewals Upgrade renewals and
annuity management
Services Order IP support
Forecast Forecast costs with  up-to-date
market rates. 
IP Data Access  the best-in-class
IP Data . 
Invention disclosures Manage invention disclosures
in a custom workflow
Reports Benefit from IP
dashboards & reports

Manage every stage of your assets life

Rely on our integrated software and services.

Identify inventions similar to your invention disclosure 
AI powered semantic engine
Patentability report by search team

Integrated patent drafting assistance service

  • Guided extension filing module for priority patents, PCT & EP validation
  • Integrated translation & foreign filing services

Automated data consistency check
Integrated paralegal services for prosecution support
Built-in country law engine & USPTO register data
Upgrade your renewals and annuities management

Get automated KPI and structure your portfolio
Predict actual costs and easily create your budget
Integrated Cost Management Services

A comprehensive and integrated offer

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Utilize big data for more efficient decision-making and
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